Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

The Safegard Group is a leading single source, full service insurance broker and risk management consulting firm.  We serve the employee benefits needs of companies in various industries with a client centric service model.

Our Employee Benefits Division understands the client centric model relies on building strong partnerships with our clients and the insurance companies to work towards the common goal of reducing your total cost of risk while attracting and retaining key employees with a comprehensive benefits package. This model brings greater organization, accountability, and transparency to the insurance provider relationship.

At Safegard, we focus on being proactive versus reactive.  Our team works with clients to strategically identify their goals as an organization and create a service plan that works for their unique environment.  We engage the management team to streamline benefit administration through our no cost benefits administration portal.  The portal eases the administrative burden of offering a robust benefits package while providing a clean, simplified way to explain and offer these benefits, empowering your employees to make good benefits decisions.

Expert Advice

The Safegard Group realizes change is inevitable.

Change is driven by market competition, benefit administration technologies, demographic changes and new government regulations.

Our team of technical specialists is prepared to guide our clients and strategically implement plans that align with their mission, culture, and tolerance for risk.


The Safegard Group achieves a greater level of compliance support for our clients using our no cost benefits administration portal, BerniePortal.

We help our clients comply with ERISA, ACA and other Federal and State regulations through a compliance review and the development of a comprehensive compliance manual.

Customer Service

The Safegard Group believes that knowledge is power.  Whether it is educating your benefits team on new and cutting edge plan options or educating your employees on how to most effectively utilize the options, we have you covered!

Upon being hired, The Safegard Group immediately goes to work meeting with our client to review and implement a service and transition plan.  Our team strives to learn all about your company’s goals and expectations to ensure a smooth transition for both the company and their valuable employees.

Medical Funding Strategies

Benefits Strategy

We work with different medical funding strategies allowing us to best manage a company’s tolerance for risk to meet their specific needs.

Technological Capabilities

Technological Capabilities

Benefits administration technology streamlines the
enrollment and customer service processes.

Employee Education

Employee Education

We recognize plan selection and technology are important, however both are pointless if employees do not understand and appreciate their benefits package.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits

We partner with insurance companies ensuring our clients ability to offer a
robust and comprehensive benefits package. 

Safegard offers many tools & assistance in all areas of compliance support to help our clients minimize risk and reduce liability.

  • Develop a comprehensive Compliance Manual
  • Healthcare Reform Updates
  • ACA Required Notices
  • 1094/1095 Reporting
  • WRAP Documents
  • HR Assistance
  • Access to HR360

We will provide a toll-free phone number and email address supported by a team of Benefit Specialists.  Our team can assist your employees and their dependents with a wide range of administrative issues involving their medical and ancillary coverage.  Examples of how we can assist:

  • Resolving claim issues
  • Explaining available benefits
  • Questions on invoices received from providers
  • ID cards
  • Enrollment decisions
  • Locating in-network providers