Mergers and Acquisitions Services

In mergers and acquisitions, companies frequently forget to include insurance requirements while moving through the due diligence process. Due diligence is the process in which the viability of a potential merger or acquisition is evaluated. When the insurance aspect of the process is underestimated, the cost of the new operations could be much higher or unforeseen exposure could arise. The Safegard Group realizes the importance of understanding the deal and specializes in accurately valuing the insurance needs so you can make the best decisions possible while negotiating a merger or acquisition.

The Safegard Group’s technical knowledge extends to expertise in the field of merger and acquisition deals (including spinoffs, divestments, etc.) with vast experience across a multitude of industries. Our on staff MBAs provide particular reliability and security in processing through each deal with in depth analysis of every step along the way. Additionally, at The Safegard Group, we use our significant relationships with many insurance companies to find the exact coverage that is needed to meet the complex needs of any merger or acquisition. With The Safegard Group’s vast experience comes the ability to navigate the complex and bureaucratic web of regulations from state to state which can be critical in fast paced deals today.

Looking to become leaders in their industry

89% of private equity executives, when surveyed, indicated the expectation of average to high M&A activity in coming years with 84% saying they expect the pace to accelerate or stay the same. With the market for M&A deals becoming more competitive, the margin for error becomes slimmer and the due diligence process becomes more critical to deal success.

We know all M&A deals are not the same. Every deal – be it a merger, acquisition, spinoff, or divestment – brings different needs:

  • Are you acquiring an entity entirely or just majority stake?
  • Are you buying their assets or the liabilities too?
  • Perhaps you’ve assumed ownership of their debts and property?
  • Is this a one time deal or a stepping stone to larger deals?
  • What are your long term goals and projections?
  • What is your exit strategy?

Depending on the scale of the deal M&A can bring sudden growth. But with that growth comes increased exposure to mismanagement or malfeasance. Is your insurance sufficient to protect against lawsuits from shareholders and/or investors? Are there ways to protect you and your shareholders from the target’s liabilities?

We have over 20 years of experience at Safegard and we never stop learning. Our offices have individuals who specialize in every class of business who have worked on M&A deals from every perspective, from start to finish.

We never stop working for you and are always Pointing you in the Right DirectionTM.

For more information, download our M&A Services brochure here: PDF-Icon Merger & Acquisition Services.