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The Safegard Group is a leading full service, insurance broker and risk management consulting firm serving the property and casualty needs of companies in various industries.

Our Commercial Brokerage Division recognizes that these industries have specialized needs that reach beyond the traditional. Safegard has built a team of specialists in this field, dedicated to providing custom designed insurance programs and innovative risk solutions. Our consultants provide focused risk management strategies and practical advice to our clients to mitigate the risks and exposures that are inherent within their industry.

Safegard has developed significant relations with a multitude of top-rated insurance companies, which results in our ability to deliver the broadest coverage at the most competitive price. We take pride in our commitment to provide our clients’ with unparalleled customer service. At The Safegard Group, the preservation and conservation of our clients’ assets is one of our highest priorities.

Expert Claims Management

Despite our efforts to control or prevent losses, claims will occur. Safegard realizes the importance of aggressive and proactive claims management in combating insurance costs, especially workers’ compensation. Our well-trained claims professionals provide effective claims management services to assure proper handling and timely resolution of our commercial lines clients’ claims. Read More…

Risk Management Consulting

Our priority is to design a risk management program tailored to our client’s needs. Our professional team possesses a wealth of knowledge to ensure we deliver a solution that satisfies your needs. Read More…

Industries We Serve

The Safegard Group specializes in a variety of industries, such as: Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Food, Technology & Life Science, Chemical, and Business Owners. Read More…

Expert Claims Management

The Safegard Group realizes the importance of aggressive and proactive claims management in combating insurance costs, especially workers’ compensation.  Our expert claims professionals effectively manage your claims to assure proper handling and timely resolution of claims. From the initial claim filing to the final claim disposition, our claims consultants will work in conjunction with your insurance carrier to control the cost of each claim.  We will pursue all options to ensure that every claim is resolved in your best interests. The following are examples of how our knowledge and expertise can benefit our clients:

Development of Claim Handling Procedures Specific to Your Individual Needs

Each client has different needs and expectations with regards to their insurance. With this in mind, we can work with your insurance carrier to develop an overall plan as to how your claims will be handled, who will be contacted and what information will be conveyed.

Evaluation and Enhancement of Clients Internal Claims Handling Procedures

Having the right procedures in place for responding to claims is an important step in controlling the related costs. We will help you establish and implement a procedure to ensure that you are well prepared to effectively respond to claims when they do occur.

Monitoring Carrier Claim Handling

The manner in which the carrier handles your claims can have a significant impact on your insurance costs. We will monitor the process and address any problems that may arise with their service.


Our Claims Monitoring Process

Periodic Claim Reviews
We will provide you with status reports on your open claims on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the life of the claim. We will coordinate meetings with the carrier’s claims personnel to discuss your open claims in detail and develop strategies for resolution.
Assistance in Resolution of Coverage and Compensability Issues
We will assist you in reviewing and analyzing any coverage questions that arise. We will act as an advocate for you in securing whatever coverage may be available under your policy.
Reserve Analysis
Reserve analysis is a crucial element of effective claims management. The function of reserve analysis is to confirm the accuracy of reserves that have been placed on “open” claims. The program is designed to ensure that the carrier’s reserve represents a realistic assessment of the exposure of each claim.

Because both paid claims and reserves go into rating formulas with equal impact, excessive reserves have a needless inflationary effect on premiums and can create distorted loss ratios and experience modification factors. By making sure that the reserves going into formulas are justified and substantiated by sound reserving principles, we assure that your premium dollars are protected.

Recommendation of Loss Control, Safety and Other Services to Help Reduce Claims and Their Costs

Claims Management is not just limited to those activities undertaken once a claim occurs. It also includes pre-loss activity as well. We will work with you to identify potential causes of loss, then facilitate involvement of expert personnel from your insurance carrier or outside firms to develop solutions.

Develop Innovative Solutions to Clients Individual Claim Problems

No two clients are alike. When you have a unique claims issue, we utilize our practical claims expertise to develop creative solutions that meet your needs. Our goal is to continually provide professional, personalized, and ultimately effective claims management services.

Risk Management Consulting

Risk management is the art of managing resources wisely, protecting clients and their employees from harm and safeguarding assets. A critical influence on the profitability and financial strength of any organization is the total cost of risk. The Safegard Group assists clients in identifying and managing all their risks in order to increase their revenue growth, strengthen their balance sheets and benefit their bottom line.

Essentially, risk management enables clients to eliminate or control risk and finance losses that do arise. To do so, we work with you to understand your business exposures then apply our problem solving expertise and specialized technological resources to provide a vast array of services to identify, evaluate, control, transfer and finance risk.

Our priority is to design a risk management program that is tailored for you. Our professionals possess a wealth of knowledge to ensure that we deliver a solution that satisfies your needs. We also specialize in providing a broad range of risk management services-including claims and information management, risk control, cost containment consulting and alternative risk financing.

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